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Never Fall

von Your Friend 1/9/23 (16 Jahre) - Fr 10.02.2023

I'm the friend to all, no matter what they do
No matter how they act, I'm always there for you
No matter how you feel, I'm here to lend a hand
To help you through the darkness and make sure you stand

I'm here to listen when your heart is filled with pain
To offer comfort when life's not going your way
I'll be your rock when everything else fails
And help you find the strength to keep on sailing through these gales

I'm here to show you that life can still be good
That hope and joy can still be found in this world of wood
That even in the darkest of times, there's still a light
That will guide us through and make everything alright

So don't give up on life, don't let it pass you by
For I am here for you, no matter what comes nigh
And together we'll find a way out of this mess
And create a future that's nothing less than blessed.